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Pastry Platter butter croissants, blueberry scones banana crunch muffins, pumpkin loaf      2.00 / person

Bagel Platter assorted bagels and flavored cream cheese                                                       2.00 / person

Smoked Salmon Platter capers, red onion, creme freaiche, lemon wedges, sliced cucumber, chopped fresh dill and sliced baguette                                                                                                          6.50 / person

Fresh Fruit Platter seasonal fresh fruit served with vanillabean dip                                         2.00 / person

French Toast Triangles with pure maple syrup                                                                          2.25 / person

Hearty Oatmeal Pancakes with blueberry peach compote                                                       2.50 / person

Quiche (your choice of four): sauteed mushrooms, bacon, diced ham. onion, cheddar, mozzarella, asparagus, broccoli, sundried tomato, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomato, spinach, chives

as a mini tart or as a slice                                                                                                                   1.50 / 2.00

Breakfast Tacos (your choice): egg, sausage & egg, bacon & egg, bean & cheese, salsa    2.00 each

Smoked Salmon Crepes with créme fraîche and fresh dill                                                          2.50 each


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